Self Care Isn’t Just Hot Baths and Manicures

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Self Care Isn’t Just Hot Baths and Manicures

When we think of self care, most people think of massages, and hot baths. Yes, this is a part of self care - because it does make us feel good on the outside.

BUT...It’s usually only temporary.

Self care can also mean looking deeper inside yourself and your life and figuring out what you need to “sort out”. It’s facing your problems head on.

It’s making a spreadsheet of all your debts. Working out how to pay off that credit card, so your head isn’t clogged with financial worry.

It’s enforcing a morning routine that you stick to. It’s turning your phone off for the day and being present in the moment.

It’s looking for a new job because your current one is making you so unhappy that you feel ill.

It’s telling that toxic friend you can’t be around her anymore, despite a decade of friendship.

It’s about realising that you don’t need to fix yourself. But you need to learn to take care of yourself.

It can be the ‘fugliest effing’ thing in the short term, but in the long term you know it’s for the best.

That burden released from your shoulders will clear up so much space in your mind.

If you struggle with emotional eating.The issue isn’t what you’re eating. It’s why. If you have a head full of worry and stress, that all comes from somewhere.

Face your problems head on, whip the plaster off, take your head out of the sand, stop sweeping things under the rug….

I promise you, you’ll start seeing a huge shift in your mindset.